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Layali Zaman Academy Orchestra (LZA) presents Middle East Music to the Southern California community. LZA is dedicated to promoting cultural exposure of the music of the Middle East for the purposes of education, participation, appreciation, and entertainment by performing for the community at large.


Performances promote solo ensemble members of various talent levels, well-known entertainers and musicians from the community at large and from different parts of the world.

LZA is a nonprofit, volunteer orchestra with a history starting in the late 1980s under various leaders with a loyal core of musicians from the beginning up until today.


Adel Eskander -- Adel was born in Cairo, Egypt.  He enrolled in the Conservatory of Arabic Music in the Academy of the Arts in 1984.  He has performed with a wide range of major artists in numerous local and international contexts.  

His performances and recordings in Egyptian orchestras have included working with Led Zeppelin and Ricky Martin.  In April 2014, he toured with Dr. Ken Habib performing throughout the East Coast of the United States and culminated with a solo performance at Carnegie Hall.

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